Travel Health Tips

 Travel Health Tips

Dr. Alan Mandel, a chiropractic physician, provides helpful tips for maintaining good health while traveling by air. He emphasizes the importance of avoiding heavy meals, alcohol, and caffeine before traveling. Dr. Mandel also advises wearing loose-fitting clothes and moisturizing the skin. For those on medication, it is essential to have an adequate supply. He further discusses strategies to combat jet lag, alleviate ear pain, and address specific medical conditions during air travel.


🛫 Before traveling, avoid heavy meals, alcohol, and caffeine to enhance comfort on board.

🌍 Combat jet lag by getting enough sleep, eating well-balanced meals, and exercising.

💊 Discuss the use of melatonin or other herbal medicines with a doctor to treat jet lag.

👂 Alleviate ear pain during flights by taking a decongestant and swallowing or chewing gum.

🩺 Consult a doctor regarding any medical conditions and necessary precautions for air travel.

🎒 Carry regular medication in hand luggage and ensure an adequate supply for the trip.

😌 Be prepared and stay healthy while traveling to make the experience enjoyable and stress-free.

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