Ensuring Kitchen Safety for Your Children

How safe is your kitchen for your children?

Now I've seen a lot of injuries in the past when it comes to children, but with basic understanding these injuries would never have happened. Here are some basic points you need to understand about your kitchen: Keep children at a safe distance from hot liquids. A drink heated to 140 degrees can cause burns in five seconds. At 160 degrees, will burn in a second. When small children are in the house, the baby's sudden movement can spill hot fluid and cause severe burns.

Avoid using tablecloths. If a child tries to pull himself up from the tablecloth, a heavy object or hot liquid on the table may fall on the child.

Place all hot items near the Center of the table to prevent a small child from reaching them while cooking.

Place young children in a high chair or playpen at a safe distance from hot surfaces, hot liquids, or other kitchen hazards.

Keep appliance cords away from counter edges and unplugged and unplugged when not in use. A dangling cord is dangerous because it can get caught in a cabinet door or pulled by a curious child.

Always use oven mitts or pot holders to remove pots and pans from the stove. Keep cookware handles bent so that cookware cannot be pulled out or dropped from the stove.

Keep cookies and other treats away from the stove area, so no one is tempted to reach for the hot burner store.

Keep utensils, paper towels, spices, and other cooking items at a safe distance from the stove.

Set up a safe place in the kitchen where the child can be kept out of harm's way but under constant supervision. Also, consider setting up a No Zone directly in front of the stove. Teach your child to avoid this area. You can mark the zone with yellow tape, a piece of bright carpet or some other material. So take my advice and follow these rules because this could happen to your child too.

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