The Triumphant Salutation: A Guide to Empowering Greetings

A Guide to Empowering Greetings


The words we speak play an important role in success and failure. Many of our positive thought patterns have been destroyed by the negative baggage of the past that we carry around on our backs. Although people try to be positive in their life, they still wonder why they are not reaping the fruits of success. The answers lie within each of us.


Over the course of our lives, there will be tens of thousands of interactions with other people that you will come into contact with. Listen to the words that come from different people as well as yourself. When you meet or greet someone, when someone asks you how you are or how you are feeling, how do you answer them, most of us will say I am fine or Not so bad or great or even crappy. Do we say these words because we mean them or because we feel comfortable saying them? Because that's how we've always been, most people who think these words are limiting remember that the mind is just like a computer. It cannot differentiate between positive and negative words. It will only react the way it is programmed. Negative words create negative thoughts and physically create negative emotions, creating negative results. As we keep saying these negative words, two things are happening. One, our belief system is being negatively affected as well as the messages recorded in our subconscious. And two, we are creating negative vibrations for others around us which ultimately causes them to become depressed and depressed.

Now let's reverse the role when we respond to others when they ask us how we are doing I feel good I am doing fantastic or excellent. Everything in our life will take on a new meaning. Whatever answer you give, make sure it's positive and encouraging. We may feel awkward saying these positive words, but in a short period of time, our belief systems and emotions will create new dimensions in our relationships, family, friends, and business. Learning to change our thought patterns is one of the most important things we can do to succeed in life.

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