Accelerate Weight Loss: Harnessing 3 Lightning Acupressure Points

Weight Loss 3 Lightning Acupressure Points

Globally, billions of dollars are spent on weight loss. We are aware that excess contributes to a wide range of illnesses in the body, including diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. To strengthen your digestive system and regulate your appetite, I want to share with you three incredibly quick acupressure spots that you can apply at home.

What are acupressure points?

Along the meridians, these acupressure sites guide Qi, the energy that permeates your body and causes persistent pain and tension.

How Acupressure Points Work

Applying more pressure to these energy points will expedite the healing process since they may become interrupted or blocked.

We're going to recommend three tips that will keep you occupied for one to two minutes. Only one side may be completed. The mine is directly in front of our first point. There will be a depression there that you may feel if you open and close your mouth and place your finger there. Depression is going to be the thing that gets you when you're worried, hungry, and anxious.


Depression acupressure point

This point will help you. The point is very simple, it is right between the upper lip and the nose. We're going to push that point and we're going to animate it as well. And the last point is on the inner crease of your elbow.

Elbow acupressure point

When you bend your arm, you'll see that it's lying right here, and you'll be right on the edge where that line ends, and that's going to be our point. So activate these points several times a day and you will see positive changes.

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